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  1. Taylor says:

    To the minds behind Heartache With Hard Work,

    We’re Music You Can Swim To – a family from LA & Portland dedicated to the collaboration and exploration of music through composition, performance, and production. After a year and a half of blog drip-feeding, we want to finally reach people in a new way.

    MYCST is giving away a new track called “Rainbow Kick” to celebrate the release of its first EP. If you could post it as a free download – we would be stoked (in fact, ask us for a favor):

    The entire Self-titled EP (Public):
    The entire Self-titled EP (Private, all access download, intended for your use only):

    We’re contacting you because we’re fans of HWHW and its politically-charged, musically-supported atmosphere, which is why we want to build a relationship. Music You Can Swim To is releasing new content on a monthly basis and we’d like to constantly share our creations with you in the future.

    Honestly, this shit’s hard to write because it’s one of those self-indulgent circumstances where we lay ourselves out to dry…or draw a line in the sand. Anyway, we want you to decide to like us (not necessarily “Like” us) on your own accord.

    If you get a chance, check out our art blog,, for 30 other tracks we’ve been exercising that may fit your exotic taste. In all honesty, our music isn’t politically oriented, but it supports sincerity and the importance of human interaction.

    We know your inbox is flooded and we really appreciate your time.

    Like water in your ears,


  2. BRIELLE says:

    My name is BRIELLE. I am an American Scandinavian pop artist and have just released my first single “Catch a Star for You” from my debut album “Ready For War”. Please view my video and check out my website for my fashion shots. I WOULD LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK!!!!!



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