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Someday Maybe – City Light

It’s a pretty easy path to my heart if you’ve got band members from both Seattle (my home-ish town) and the Bay Area (where I’m living these days).  It also helps if you can write a great hook.  And even more if you can breathe a little bit of life into what often promises to be a stale and worn out genre.

City Light manages to check all those boxes.  The basic riff that drives “Someday Maybe” is clean and bright, but they douse it in enough distortion to give it some heft.  Sure, you can’t help but think about that Conor Oberst album from a few years ago when you hear the world-weary, dusty folk-singer meets newfangled electronics vibe.  But that’s fine.  I was all set to offer a really illuminating piece of insight and suggest that it actually sounds a lot like a Her Space Holiday record…and then I discovered that Marc Bianchi is actually part of City Light these days.  So, yeah, it’s not too surprising that’s its got that sort of feel.

The album is called Burned Out Bright.

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